From our 2019 PETS Networking session during the Saturday lunch,  a short, unrehearsed video on Why I Joined Rotary:  Why I Joined Video
PETS 2020  Denver Renaissance Stapleton Hotel on Quebe Street February 28 through March 1, 2020.   
Registration will open in November 2019.

Can't attend High Country PETS?  Click on this link for other PETS being held in the US:
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CLUB PRESIDENT'S TOOL BOX - access the toolbox through this link:   TOOLBOX
THE UPDATED CLUB PRESIDENT'S MANUAL for 2019-22 is available on this page, below and in the For Incoming Club Officers section, as well as the updated Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Committee manuals.

For more information, look under PETS Information Pages and click on FOR INCOMING CLUB OFFICERS.
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