The six districts of High Country PETS:
  • 5390 - Montana
  • 5420 - Utah
  • 5440 - Wyoming, N. Colorado, Scottsbluff/Gering, Morrill, Teton Valley
  • 5450 - Central Colorado, including Denver
  • 5470 - Southern and Western Colorado
  • 5630 - Central and Western Nebraska
PEs and AGs
If you are a President Elect/PE (you will be president of your club beginning July 1, 2020) or Assistant Governor (AG) please select the link below that is appropriate to your district.
*PEs Visiting from Other Districts - If you are a President Elect from another district and can't attend your district PETS, we would be happy to have you join us at High Country PETS. Please contact HC PETS Chair Dale Schultz ( after you have received written approval from your District Governor Elect.
PENs, Satellite Officer or Other Club Officer
If you are a President Elect Nominee/PEN (you will be president of your club beginning July 1, 2021), a representative of a Satellite Group or Club or hold another officer role in your club, click on your district below to register.
If you are a guest; the partner of a PE, PEN, or AG; a District Officer; or Past District Governor from any of our six districts, please click the link below. You may select which meals you will attend, so you can choose which of our speakers you will hear.   
If you are a Rotaractor in one of the six High Country PETS districts and plan to attend the Rotaract Institute, please use this link to register and select the PETS meals you will attend.  See Rotaract Institute Preliminary Schedule.
Members of the PETS Committee and Rotarians serving as facilitators for PE or PEN sessions, should register here:  
(visiting PEs should contact PETS Administrator, Liz Becher, for additional information)
District 5390
Shawna Secker
District 5420
Egor Shulman
District 5440
Kellie Kegerreis
District 5450
Bev Mendel
District 5470
Sally Sparhawk
District 5630
Lori O’Brien